Jaime: Steve, are we going to live happily ever after?

Steve: You bet.

-"The Bionic Woman Part II"

Dear Bionic Fans:

Back in ‘07, when I first got back into the Bionic Stuff, I committed to placing a marker about how I felt about the lack of a DVD release in the US, and the mistakes that were made abroad and in syndication that I feared would be repeated here. This site was the result.

Some of these points were made right by the releases that began in 2010. The releases failed, however, to provide a reliable audio/visual experience.

I can’t claim to believe that there will be any further releases between now and the feature film, as the boxed sets that were just announced are repackaged from the prior releases, with doubtless the same freeze-frames in Man and audio muffles in Woman as before. Perhaps if Billion takes off spectacularly, Blu-Rays of the classic stuff will follow. We can dream.

Over the past several years, I’ve moved on. I find that updating the site is always too low a priority to keep it up to any degree. It’s time to call it.

I remain a Bionic Fan. You may hear from me yet on this. For now, however, I’ve decided to end The Six 1973 as an independent website. An archive will remain on my personal site, Josalo.com – I will keep the domain directing there as long as I can. I can attest that both this and earlier versions of the site are available via the Wayback Machine.

Great thanks to all my Bionic Pals.

-Joe “The Major” Burns


The Six 1973 was dedicated to the lost, the altered – the discarded portions of The Bionic Materials.